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Terms & Conditions

Declarations and Disclaimers:

The following are the collection of terms and conditions which are considered to have been agreed by the Users for the use of the Geniousbit Technologies Company website. Users are required to read the terms carefully before logging into the services of the platform.

User is referred to as the one who browses the web, while Geniousbit is referred to the business under this section. The website will also be Geniousbit proprietary and will be monitored by Geniousbit Technologies.

By accessing the Web, the User agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions for the use of the Web. These terms and conditions can be updated at any time without prior notice from Geniousbit Technologies.

Geniousbit may terminate any User accessing the Services and Sites at times for legitimate offensive or fraud-related purposes, and Geniousbit may also track any access to the Web.

All contents of this site are the property of Geniousbit. The software content, text, graphics , videos and audio used on this site is the proprietary material of Geniousbit. No one shall be allowed to copy, alter, reprint, republish or distribute this content for any reason other than the gain and credit of Geniousbit, unless Geniousbit itself has already approved it in writing. All rights not expressly given here shall be considered reserved.

Any unauthorised use of the Site's materials may infringe proprietary copyrights , trademarks and applicable laws that may impose civil penalties.

Geniousbit shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, unintentional or serious damages, including, but not limited to, the User's device, loss of data, loss of income, disruption of operation, loss of information rights which may result from downloading and distributing any created software, content , materials, website information and linked links.

Intellectual Property

Firm Side

Geniousbit's website can view, directly or indirectly, the business ideas of its own functioning and operations which are the due rights of Geniousbit itself, any copyrights , trademarks or misuse of information could impose criminal penalties or civil penalties.

Client Side

All details collected about the customer's service needs and expectations before and after the SLA commitment will be kept confidential in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

Service Level Agreement

Specification Documents

Any typographical, clerical or other unintended error or omission in the Sales Literature, quote, price list, acceptance of a bid, invoice or other record or details provided by Geniousbit shall be corrected without liability on the part of Geniousbit.

The specifications for the deliverables shall be those set out in the prior documents prior to the start of the project. Geniousbit reserves the right to make changes to the specification documents which will be reported to the client concerned with that particular project.

Payment Terms

Payment terms shall be negotiated before and upon the signing of a contract between Geniousbit and the customer who has been employed for some operation. Subject to any special terms decided in writing or published on the Geniousbit website, we shall invoice the customer for the net amount attributable to the deliverables on or at any time after the shipment of the project.

Customers should make payments as accepted in the contract documents or within seven approved days as appropriate, taking into account Geniousbit 's General Contract Terms and Conditions mentioned and referred to herein. Any delay or impotence in making payments shall or can take advantage of the work carried out on the respective tasks.The reminder of the dates as reminders will not be the responsibility of Geniousbit and thus the customer concerned will assume sole responsibility for the terms of the contract when requesting assistance from Geniousbit in the matters in question.

Refund Policy & Cancellation

All of Geniousbit's deliverables and services are intangible products that are digitally distributed, and we thus pursue a strict refund policy on negotiated terms, depending on the type of project or commitment.

All custom software projects will have no return policy and thus clients are asked to read all specification documentation and formal agreement documentation well before they are hired for services.

All custom software projects will have no return policy and thus clients are asked to read all specification documentation and formal agreement documentation well before they are hired for services.

Any dispute or suspension of payment after the agreement has been signed and approved may result in the cancellation of the project in any kind of services included as determined by the Geniousbit.

Upon cancellation, Geniousbit will be liable for doing the work that has already been compensated.

We recognise that unusual situations can arise because of the nature of the services we provide. So please, get acquainted with our Refund Policy before ordering any of our services to prevent disappointment after purchase.