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Geniousbit Technologies is an established IT Products and Services provider in India which puts a strong emphasis on offering applications and a variety of hardware and software technologies. The company has always given priority to deliver qualitative services to its customer which makes its customer happy & satisfied.

  • Company Profile

    Geniousbit Technologies is an established IT Products and Services provider in India which puts a strong emphasis on offering applications and a variety of hardware and software technologies.

  • Objective

    We aim to achieve a sustainable economic policy digitally for our future generations through our endeavors at ‘Geniousbit’ and to tread on the path toward building a successful and virtuous brand.

  • Vision

    Geniousbit company with its undeterred vision to empower and stand by, people across the globe to achieve their dreams at minimal costs for the services we provide. Aims, to form and work through a network spanning nations around the world and provide and allow local economies to grow and rise to power.

  • Mission

    By promoting the creation and application of numerous tools that will make living on the internet secure and risk-free for our users, we hope to simplify the lives of those who work digitally.


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Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a testing method designed to identify and analyze the seriousness of as many security vulnerabilities as possible in a specified amount of time. This procedure could include both automatic and manual methods, with different severity levels and a focus on thorough coverage. Vulnerability assessments may focus on various technological layers using a risk-based methodology, with host-, network-, and application-layer assessments being the most popular.

Web APP Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is a systematicthe process that involves a number of steps with the task of acquiring about the target system, identifying its flaws or vulnerabilities, and looking for exploits that can be used to exploit those flaws or vulnerabilities and compromise the web application.

Mobile APP Penetration Testing

As a security testing method, mobile application penetration testing methodology analyzes security limitations in a mobile environment. Its primary focus is client-side security, and it mostly places the end-user in charge. It is derived from the specific form of application security technique.

Network Penetration Testing

An systematic use of various malicious techniques to assess the network's security—or lack thereof—in order to find security flaws in applications and systems is known as a network penetration test.

Desktop APP Penetration Testing

By securely simulating attacks on your company's PCs, our team of desktop application security professionals performs penetration testing on your organization's endpoints. We assist you in identifying security risks in your business, evaluating the effectiveness of your current solutions, minimizing threats, Meet industry compliance standards and address vulnerabilities.

Cloud Penetration Testing

The goal of cloud penetration testing is to evaluate a cloud system's strengths and weaknesses in order to strengthen its overall security posture. Cloud penetration testing assists in: Detecting threats, weak points, and gaps. Effects of exploitable vulnerabilities. Establish a strategy for maximising any access gained through exploitation.

Wireless Penetration Testing

The six major steps of a wireless penetration test are reconnaissance, network identification, vulnerability research, exploitation, reporting, and restoration. The major goal of these tests is to maintain secure software code development throughout the lifecycle of the code.

API Penetration Testing

We examine your APIs for flaws, ultimately highlighting any potential security holes for the engineering team to resolve. In the past, an enterprise security team would manually scan the APIs or perform penetration tests to accomplish this systematic.


We have a team of experienced persons in web design & development, who provide valuable services to grow your business and to attract more customers to your website. We provide responsive design, innovative branding strategies that will compel anyone to visit your company website and would be interested to know your products more.


Professional Training

The vision of Geniousbit is to create talent across the globe.

  • With the increasing demand for a career as a Cyber Security Professional, GENIOUSBIT TECHNOLOGIES has introduced Cyber Security Courses starting from Basic Level to Advance Level.

  • Our knowledgeable trainers have more than 5 years of training expertise. Our cyber security trainers are skilled at giving offline and online training while answering all of your questions.

  • Students are drawn to attend Cyber Security training because of the manner our instructors conduct their lessons. Students will receive both theoretical and practical instruction, ensuring that you can readily understand the courses.

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Our Blogs

Our blogs containing information about Cyber Security and other fundamental structures.

  • You can read blogs related to IT and Cyber Security content. You can get all types of information on Malware, Velnuralibility, Ransomware, Phishing, Viruses and IT-related stuff, etc.
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